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“One of the Top Ten Chicken Fried Steaks that will change your life!!” 


Wide Open Eats

"On the hill atop West Exchange Avenue, not far from Billy Bob’s or Stockyards Station, Horseshoe Hill has become an anchor at that end and a midday attraction."

- Bud Kennedy, Eats Beat,

“With this modest little spot in the Fort Worth Stockyards, Grady Spears has found his niche” 


Texas Monthy

“Happy trails lie ahead with his winning
formula in the Stockyards: An unpretentious
atmosphere, friendly service, and authentic
cowboy cuisine for which Spears is
best known.”


- FWTX Magazine

“Grady Spears is an original and still originating”
- Fort Worth Business

"The Best Chicken Fried Steak in Texas for Sure"

Trey's Chowdown

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